Economy Run

The 2023 CORSA Economy Run route will begin at the Chula Vista and head north and east for a loop through mostly flat and gently rolling farmland. After a mid-point stop the route will head back west toward the Wisconsin River and follow it to the finish point.  The exact route has not been finalized as the one proposed by the Chula Vista staff, and used by previous car clubs as a tour, does not have a convenient location for a midpoint stop/checkpoint.  Most of the route will be on Wisconsin “lettered” county roads which are arguably as well constructed and maintained as many of the state and federal two-lane highways in other states.  The speed limits are mostly 55 MPH along the route so there will be plenty of opportunities to “make up time” if necessary to finish within the course completion time limit per the CORSA Economy Run rules.

I had the pleasure of modifying the route of another tour provided by the Chula Vista staff to make up our CORSA Rally. In this case the route will proceed through town and across the Wisconsin River to the west and make a loop to the north and back across the river, returning to the Chula Vista Resort. Whereas the terrain on the eastern side of the river was sculpted in large part by glacial action and the formation of ancient Lake Wisconsin by the Green Bay Lobe of the Laurentide Ice Sheet approximately 18,000 years ago, the western side rally route ventures into more hilly terrain with deep river and stream cuts known as the driftless zone–an area not covered by the most recent glaciers. The roads through this area have many curves and elevation changes, ideal for showcasing the handling prowess of the Corvair automobile. 

The rally will begin with a combined transit zone/odo check leaving the Chula Vista through town and across the river and out into the countryside.  Three scored legs will follow, with checkpoints between each leg at locations with restrooms, the final leg ending at the Chula Vista. Each leg will have a unique and challenging format all within those described in the latest edition of the Rally Rules.